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SENZA Laser Hair Removal

Be Gone. Be Good. Be Fast.

Unwanted hair plagues both men and women. Laser hair removal allows men and women who are tired of shaving, plucking, and waxing to put down their razors, tweezers, and appointment cards and enjoy the many benefits of long-lasting smooth skin.

While numerous laser hair removal treatments have been around for years, none are as versatile and safe as the SENZA laser hair removal system. SENZA is the latest laser hair removal device from Aesthetics Biomedical and is sure to have your clients recommending the treatment to their friends and family.

What Makes SENZA Laser Hair Removal Unique?

Quick Treatments

SENZA offers rapid hair removal. With operating levels of up to 4Hz, medium-sized areas will be treated in under five minutes while larger areas, such as the back, are treated in only 10 to 15 minutes.

Safe for All Skin Types

SENZA utilizes a high-powered 8o8 diode laser that is more stable and uniform than other wavelengths that are commonly used for laser hair removal. This results in a system that is safe and appropriate for all skin types.

Virtually Pain-Free Hair Removal

With its unique chilled-tip and cooling technology, SENZA laser hair removal increases patient comfort. When that is combined with the precision of SENZA’s concentrated energy, the treatment becomes virtually pain-free.

What Does SENZA Laser Hair Removal Offer to Your Patients?

A Universal Treatment Option

Laser treatments and hair removal devices have long struggled with not being universally approved for all skin tones and types. As many laser devices target the areas of excess melanin and pigment, they can be permanently damaging for patients with medium or dark skin tones. SENZA laser hair removal uses a stable diode laser that is highly programmable and suitable for all of your patients.

SENZA’s easy-to-navigate touchscreen has selection options for Fitzpatrick skin type, hair thickness, and treatment areas. Both you and your patient know they will be protected.

Multiple Treatment Areas

SENZA’s concentrated energy targets hair follicles to minimize hair growth and provide long-term hair removal from the face, body, and bikini line. Men and women will love the ease and comfort of attaining lasting hair-free skin.

Safety Provided by FDA Clearance

SENZA has been cleared by the FDA to provide permanent laser hair removal for all patients.

Concerns about SENZA Laser Hair Removal


SENZA offers one of the most comfortable treatments available. Patients will experience no downtime following their laser hair removal.


Laser hair removal does not require any incisions. Therefore, patients can enjoy lasting smoothness with no threat of scars.


This safe and effective system is appropriate for all clientele with no consumable cost. This means that the SENZA costs less to operate than other systems of its nature.


The enhanced safety features offered with SENZA laser hair removal makes this treatment nearly pain-free.

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Here’s What Our Providers Say:

“Since adding the SENZA to our office, all the staff preferentially turn to this hair removal laser over all other hair removal devices we own. Our aestheticians comment on the ease of use and quick treatment times. In addition, they have more patients for hair removal treatments, now, than in the last 12 months. Patients who have had other laser hair treatments have specifically mentioned how painless the procedure has been in comparison to their prior treatments.”

Debb Summers, MD – Clinical Director, SANAA SkinCare Center Phoenix, AZ

“We are an advanced laser training center. At the present time, we have seven of the latest Laser Hair Removal devices from five different major manufactures. When we first received the SENZA, we were a bit skeptical because of it’s small size, but after a month of use, we have been extremely impressed with the device. We actually enjoy the compact size, cooling is exceptional and because of the unique scanning delivery, its by far the most comfortable device we have used to date.”

Eric Jantze – Chief Executive Officer, National Aesthetics & Laser (NALA) Scottsdale, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How large is this machine?

    The SENZA is one of the most compact laser hair removal machines available. It is portable and only weighs 37 pounds, making it ideal for any practice.

  • What is programmable with the SENZA laser hair removal?

    SENZA’s easy-to-navigate touchscreen allows you to enter in your patient’s skin type according to the Fitzpatrick scale, their hair thickness, and the body area you are treating. These pre-programmed features take the stress out of the treatment.

  • Why should you consider adding the SENZA laser hair reduction to your practice?

    Laser hair removal is in high demand among men and women who are tired of the hassles of shaving, waxing, and plucking. By adding the SENZA to your practice, you are expanding your potential clientele with technology that is safe for all of them.

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