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Physician Testimonials

“The Vivace® has been a nice addition to my practice with fantastic results, and my patients love the Experience!”
— Gregory Mueller MD FACS, Beverly Hills, CA

“Since adding the Diolux to our office, all the staff preferentially turn to this hair removal laser over the other two hair removal devices we own. Our nurses and aestheticians comment on the ease of use and quick treatment times. In addition, they have invited more patients to hair removal treatments in the last-three months than in the last 12 months. Patients who have had other laser hair treatments have specifically mentioned how painless the procedure has been in comparison to their prior treatments.”
— Suneel Chilukuri, MD – Cosmetic & Dermatologic Surgeon, Refresh Dermatology, Bellaire, TX

“I have received positive responses from patients. They are pleased not only with the experience of the laser treatment, but with the results as well.”
— Elizabeth E. Mowery CT LCT for Chinyere Orafu, M.D., Ohio Laser and Wellness Centers, Ltd, Canton, OH

“For one of the most popular cosmetic procedures—permanent hair reduction—the dawning of a new age has come with the DioluxTM laser. Small and large areas alike on most skin types can now be treated in less time with much more comfort and better results than previous hair removal systems. Using its chilled-tip gliding hand piece, a man’s back, which before took the better part of an hour or more, can now be treated in as little as 10 minutes and an upper lip in a matter of seconds! The DioluxTM radiates focused laser energy, which, much like a high powered scope on a rifle, uniformly targets hair follicles without the scattering effect of laser light commonplace in other hair removal devices. The result is more ef cient eradication of unwanted hair than from other hair removal methods. For those who are tired of shaving or waxing dark, unwanted hair day after day, advanced technology providing fast and effective permanent hair reduction with minimal discomfort is now available.”
— Dr. Robert Benson, QnA Medical Spa, Ponchatoula, LA

“As a spa owner, I like it because treatment times are very fast and we can book more appointments which allows us to price ourselves more competitively. I also like that there are no disposables or ongoing maintenance costs. We have not had a single issue with the device and its been very reliable. The new software is very intuitive and simple to use for our medical staff. Best of all, treatments are fast, its simple to use by our medical staff and results are outstanding results.”
— Rick Fromme, Owner, Vakil Therapeutic Service, LLC, Jacksonville, FL

“The Vivace® RF microneedling has revolutionized the way I treat patients at Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness in Ruidoso, NM. Patients that we have treated with The Vivace® system continue to send in friends and family based on their own great results. It’s great to be able to plan a procedure without trying to factor in downtime! I went to a public event within 1 hour of my first treatment and looked great. My patients and I all enjoy looking in the mirror or at the before and after pictures and admiring the results!”
— Stephen Rath, MD, DABA, Ruidoso, NM

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