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Aesthetics Biomedical Company

Our Mission

Aesthetics Biomedical represents a team of the best and the brightest innovators in the global aesthetics market who have created programs that are designed to create optimal results for the consumer. ABM is a thought leader in the innovation of treatment serums, masks, numbing cream and recovery agents to optimize the results of the treatments we design.

We have created three operational pillars that reflect our commitment to:

  • advancing the development and distribution of innovative, best-in-class aesthetic devices
  • new care treatment experiences coupled with unique products delivered in ABM-inspired Care Centers
  • a strong regulatory environment that is the platform for device and product development.

Aesthetics Biomedical coined the phrase The Vivace Experience™, to reflect our vision to not only provide a single device—The Vivace—or a product, but to deliver a comprehensive and integrated experience that maximizes the outcome for the patient. It is this advantage we bring to our clients, physicians and consumers alike. We never rest until we know we’re bringing excellence to the market. We integrate state-of-the-art education and training to guarantee the best possible outcomes for our clients and their patients for the lifetime of the relationship.

Our regulatory consulting team is second to none, offering more than 50 years combined experience to provide expertise to clients who want to increase speed to market and maximize their financial investment. Our team has the assets available to help you get your product into the marketplace with critical regulatory compliance.

We are tireless innovators, and we won’t stop until we know we’ve found the best solutions for the advancement of aesthetic medical practices.

MaryAnn Guerra

President and Chief Executive Officer

Our President and Chief Executive Officer MaryAnn Guerra has a career-long passion for bringing technology to market, accelerating innovation from the lab into commercial businesses and providing an incomparable client experience. As co-founder of Aesthetics Biomedical, she understands the importance of designing experiences that create results. As a client of her own company, she values the opportunity to feel her very best at any age using leading-edge, FDA-cleared technology and treatment serums and recovery agents that truly make a difference. It is her privilege to advance these innovations through a network of respected doctors and med spas to make an impact on the battle against aging for men and women.

Guerra is tireless in her perpetual pursuit of perfection and her never-ending quest to turn innovation into results.

Guerra also serves as Chairman of the Board, CEO, and co-founder of BioAccel, a non-profit organization with the mission to turn medical device breakthroughs into successful commercial ventures. Guerra has spent much of her career operating successful and progressive health, science, technology and start-up businesses. Guerra served as President of TGen Accelerators, LLC and Chief Operating Officer at TGen. Guerra has also had an impressive career at the National Institutes of Health, having held senior level positions, including: Executive Officer, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and Deputy Director of Management & Executive Officer at the National Cancer Institute.

Her never-ending quest to challenge her team, question the status quo and pursue innovation with an eye for making a difference at the highest level of quality is what drives her every day.

Todd Rethemeier

Chief Financial Officer

Todd Rethemeier, brings more than two decades of financial experience to ABM, focusing on innovative technologies and disruptive business models.

Rethemeier started his career in management consulting at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, where he traveled the world advising telecommunications and media companies on business and marketing strategy, capital budgeting, and financial impacts of changing regulations. He then spent several years as an equity research analyst covering technology and telecommunications companies at major Wall Street firms, including Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Bear Stearns. After years of following other innovative companies as they disrupted industries, Rethemeier started his own equity research company, and spent much of the next decade on the forefront of the independent research movement on Wall Street. Most recently, he had been providing consulting and CFO services to startup businesses in the technology industry before joining Aesthetics Biomedical.

Rethemeier has been recognized by many publications as a leading Wall Street analyst, being named to the Wall Street Journal’s “Best on the Street” ranking three times, as well as similar awards from the Financial Times, Forbes and Institutional Investor. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters degree in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering, and an MBA, all from Cornell University.

John Godson

Vice President of Sales
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Sheldon Larson

Director of Marketing
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Sheldon has 5 years of experience in various aspects of marketing; with a distinctive ability to deliver highly effective and measurable strategies that drive revenue growth, new customers, brand awareness and reputation.

As a highly talented professional and performance driven individual, he practices a streamlined and intuitive approach to handling every task, which rests on efficiency, and astute problem solving. Sheldon effectively handles various digital marketing planning, implementation, analysis and optimization, while ensuring successful campaigns and high ROI. He has focused a large part of his career on building and maintaining solid relationships that ensure multiple referrals, account retention, increased business and improved revenues for his clients. Sheldon’s major strength is his ability to create and implement innovative promotional strategies, while maintaining high levels of service delivery. This has earned him several commendations and a high reputation within the industry.

Sarah Motto

Executive Assistant (CFO) & Logistics Manager
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Shaun Wootten

Research & Development Project Manager
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Shana Partl

Customer & Sales Support
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Jessica Wise

Office Manager & CEO Executive Assistant
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