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Aesthetics Biomedical

We are tireless innovators, and we won’t stop until we know we’ve found the best solutions for the advancement of aesthetic medical practices.


Knowledge, Opinion, Innovation Network

The goal of KOIN is to bring together the most trusted dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetics practitioners to provide input to the company’s new product and experience offerings, to participate in clinical studies and to educate other physicians on best practices with Aesthetics Biomedical’s devices and experience products.

KOIN Doctors
Clinical Advisors Members

Clinical Advisory Board

“We are proud to be a leader in innovation, and we are grateful for the valuable feedback and expertise of the physicians with whom we work, to help us design and launch products that best serve their patients. We have carefully selected the members of our Clinical Advisory Board, and we are honored to have recruited such highly respected physicians as our partners for the future.”

MaryAnn Guerra
CEO of Aesthetics Biomedical®

Clinical Advisors Members

Experience the Celebration

In recognition of the Vivace Experience® by Aesthetics Biomedical®, an official #NationalMicroneedlingDay has been endowed and dedicated to honor the industry leading microneedling treatment in the country. Congratulations to all of the Vivace® physicians, providers, and practices!


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Vivace - Fractional Micro Needle RF

The innovators at Aesthetics Biomedical have designed The Vivace Experience® an exciting, best-in-class, proprietary treatment. We start with The Vivace®, a best-in-class RF microneedling device for incomparable patient experience.

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SoME™ - Skincare That's All You

Aesthetics Biomedical® Inc. has launched a personalized topical product line for take-home use. SoME® Skincare is a skin rejuvenating product that uses a propriety blend of ingredients combined with your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), by your physician, to give you a truly personalized cosmetic experience.

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PlasmaMD - Beauty is in the Air

PlasmaMD is the leading, compact handheld device employing plasma technology for non-surgical skin rejuvenation, using proprietary ARC Technology as the key differentiator. PlasmaMD and Plasma+ are FDA Class ll cleared for soft tissue coagulation and lesion removal.

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SENZA Laser Hair Removal

Enjoy the experience of virtually pain-free hair removal. A high-powered 8o8nm diode laser for virtually pain-free permanent hair reduction that treats ALL skin types. The SENZA Experience is fast. A medium sized area can be treated in as little as five minutes with a full back completed in ten minutes.

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ONIX - Defining a Better You

The ONIX is a high-frequency, electrical surgical device with diverse aesthetic applications that address hyperhidrosis, acne scarring, surgical scarring, skin tightening, and other skin imperfections. *This device is only available for sale in the Netherlands.

To purchase, contact our distributor Tobrix in the Netherlands.

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SANAA - Aesthetics Biomedical Skincare Center

A thing of beauty

SANAA, An Aesthetics Biomedical SkinCare Center was created to allow traditional practitioners the opportunity to participate in the rapidly growing aesthetics market. Giving the patients the opportunity to be treated by a trusted source underpins the SANAA SkinCare Center Model.

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Trade Shows & Digital Events

  • Dec
  • National Vivace® Microneedling Day on Tour

    December 5th, 2020

    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  • Dec
  • National Vivace® Microneedling Day on Tour

    December 3rd, 2020

    Salt Lake City, Utah

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Through the Eyes of a Physician Personalized Skincare: Biomolecules in Platelets with Zoe Diana Draelos, MD

Please join Aesthetics Biomedical online via GoToWebinar to discuss how these doctors successfully integrated SoME® Skincare products into their practice.

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